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SMART Macro Technology

SMART Macro Technology is a unique technology developed at Automation Anywhere, Inc.'s Automation Labs. Workspace Macro & Workspace Macro Pro are the only software to use SMART Macro Technology.

SMART Macro Technology = Macros Made Easy and Reliable

SMART Macro Technology provides:

  1. Reliable Macros

    As we use computers no two days are alike. Window positions, sizes, Internet speed, CPU load, etc is always changing. Your macros must match your moves. For example:

    • Today when you recorded a macro you have application window of certain size and located in center, tomorrow when you run the macro it may be a different size and moved left as you were working on it.
    • Today when you record a macro, you have 2 other applications open. Tomorrow when you run a macro you might have 4 applications open.
    • Everyday Internet speed varies. Depending on how many other applications are running on your computer, computer can be slower or faster as well.

    SMART Macro technology gives intelligence to your macros. It senses more than 30 changes between record and re-play conditions & automatically adjusts . This provides you with accurate, reliable & trouble-free macros.

    * Workspace Macro Pro features our next generation of SMART technology that can adjust to even more changes like if desktop icons or start menu items have moved etc.

  2. Faster Macro Replay

    It provides High-Speed macro replay to run macros faster without compromising on accuracy and reliability.

    * Workspace Macro Pro features our next generation of SMART technology that provides Turbo speed to run macros as fast as your computer can run. It also features macro editor allowing you to reduce to remove delays and customizing the speed.

  3. Pre-defined Macro Templates

Workspace Macro Pro features Pre-defined macro templates like website login, Internet cleaner, Spyware remover, FTP upload/download, intelligent data transfer, auto-shutdown, etc. Just fill in the templates & automate many common tasks within minutes.

You can see many free templates at Macro & Automation Marketplace


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