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What is a macro? What can you do with Macros? Can I use macros?

Macros are a great productivity tool. It allow you to run series of actions with a click of a button. Macros help you work smartly.

What is a macro?

A macro is a set of tasks combined together so that you can run or replay the entire task together with a single command. Macros are a powerful productivity tool. With macros you can perform long or boring tasks just by a single click.

Where do you find macros?

Macros are very popular with most of the Windows software.

  1. Many applications provide macro capability inbuilt, like MS Excel, MS Word etc. These applications provide macro recording capabilities as well as some kind of macro language. For example: you can record a macro in Excel to perform calculations, format cells or just about anything you do in Excel.

  2. Few software vendors provide general-purpose macro programs that can work across all Windows software.

What can you do with macros?

Tons. Anything and everything that is repetitive can be done using macros. All of us perform many repetitive actions day after day on our computers. Once you are aware that these are repetitive actions, you can easily create a macro for it and next time perform it with a click of a button.

Examples: Login and check your multiple mail accounts, format data, insert date and copyright notices onto your documents, generate reports, copy data between applications. There are just a zillion things you can do.

Can I use macros?

If you think you are doing the same task again and again and it is frustrating and wasting your time and energy, you are ready to use macros. Even if it is not getting on your nerve, using a macro is a smart and fun way of working. Just understanding what you can do with macros will suggest new and more productive ways to get your job done.

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