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Macro Programs :
Types of Macro Programs. Which Macro Program is right for you?

Macro programs are also referred to as macro recorder, macro software, macro automation program, keyboard macro, etc.

Macro programs are a great productivity tool. They allow you to perform an otherwise long, boring or complex task just by a single click.

I classify macros programs into 2 types.

  1. Macro recorder : These provide record macro and re-play macro capabilities. You do not need to know programming.

  2. Macro Automation software : These offer a small macro language of its own in addition to providing macro recording and re-play capabilities. Using macro automation software you can record a macro or automation script and then use an editor to edit the script, add new actions to a macro script or even write a macro from scratch using simple macro language.

Macro recorder

Macro recorders are easy to use. You don't need to know programming so it has much wider appeal. You can use it like a VCR, record and replay.

It is not as easy as it may sound though if you choose a wrong macro recorder; many macro recorders are not very intelligent. If things change a bit, your macro fails. If you recorded a macro at 5 PM on Thursday, it may only work on 5 pm on Thursday when everything is the same. So spend little bit of time looking for macro recorders which can work even if there are minor changes. Read about how to choose a macro recorder

Macro Automation Software

In addition to record-replay capabilities, Macro Automation Software allows a set of commands for you to write code or edit a recorded macro. Some macro automation software allow a handful of commands, while others are very extensive. You need to decide what level of sophistication you need at what price. However the key measure of any task automation software is how accurately it re-plays your macro or automation script day after day. Because you will be writing a macro few times in a year, but re-playing it every day.

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