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macro software Workspace Macro Pro - Automation Edition 7.0:
Macro program & Windows automation software with task scheduler.

Tens of thousands of satisfied customers in over 90 countries!
Also works with Windows 8.


Workspace Macro Pro -Macro Software

Macro Program & Windows automation software

Intelligent macro software to record, replay, edit & schedule keyboard & mouse macros

Automate repetitive tasks involving any Windows application or Internet. No programming required.

Superior, easy-to-use macro editing. Pre-defined macro templates to automate common tasks. Macros in minutes!

Run your macros at 'Turbo' speed

Reliability and Accuracy Guarantee

Workspace Macro Pro
is a reliable and user-friendly Windows automation software and macro recorder. A simple 3-step process: New Save Run will get you started with this macro program. No programming required.

You can also use many pre-defined automation templates like automate computer maintenance, automated FTP upload/download, Auto shutdown, Excel Data transfer & many more. Just follow the wizard to automate common tasks in minutes. See all templates

Workspace Macro Pro features unique SMART Macro Technology®:

  • SMART Macro Technology gives intelligence to your macros. It senses & automatically adjusts to changes between record and re-play conditions. This provides you with accurate, reliable & trouble-free Windows macros.
  • Provides great options like “High-Speed" & "Turbo-Action" macro replay to run macros as fast as your computer can run, without compromising on accuracy and reliability.

(See our accuracy & reliability money back guarantee)

Automate any simple or complex routine tasks with this macro software & Windows automation software.

Use Workspace Macro Pro for all kinds of tasks. Below are few examples:

For Business Processes

  • Automate inventory check

  • Intelligently copy data from one application to another
  • Generate reports at Turbo speed
  • Routinely perform system clean-up & system maintenance
  • Automate Data entry into any application or web form
  • Automate & schedule any business task
  • Automate search engine submissions
  • Test applications and web pages

For Individual Tasks

  • Login into your favorite website

  • Auto-login to your web mail
  • Automatically fill forms
  • Use it as auto-clicker
  • Use macros with online games
  • Automatically run your Spyware remover program every night
  • Automate computer maintenance
  • schedule any personal tasks
In fact, once you start using Workspace Macro Pro, you will discover hundreds of new ways to use our macro software for your repetitive tasks.

Other Key features:

  • Workspace Macro Pro has everything that Workspace Macro recorder has, PLUS this macro software offers ability to edit & optimize recorded macros, faster Turbo speed option, macro templates, award winning macro editor and much more.
  • Easy macro editing helps you streamline & optimize your recorded macros.
  • Features Turbo speed option to run your macros faster.
  • Our macro software also has pre-defined macro automation templates. Follow the wizard to automate many tasks in just minutes.
  • Many powerful ‘Repeat’ options allow you to replay Windows automation macros repeatedly at pre-defined intervals.
  • Task scheduler allows you to schedule macros at any time, any day of the week or many other scheduling options.
  • Define keyboard shortcut or a hotkey and launch your Windows macro from anywhere instantly.
  • Windows Automation software with macro management capabilities like macro status, macro run-time & more.

Furthermore, all the recorded Windows macro are stored on your local computer, thereby ensuring your privacy and security. You can also password protect macros with powerful password encryption.

Also see compare our macro software

Our users find Workspace Macro Pro easy, convenient to set up, highly accurate & reliable with easy macro scripting capabilities compared to our competitors.

Customer Case Study: Hutchison Telecom

Hutchison Telecom's challenge was to update their database with large volumes in offline transactions, using an innovative technology that is cost effective and reliable.

Your product gave us greater ease of editing our steps & much other functionality” - Mr. Pravin Kumar (Accounts Dept., Hutchison Essar Telecom)

Read More | View all Case Studies

Automate your repetitive tasks to a single mouse click or a keystroke!

System Requirements
OS: Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2003 / 2000 / NT. Windows Server 2012 / 2008

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Thousands of customers in over 90 countries
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