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Keyboard Macros, Keystroke Macro :
What is a keyboard macro? How to choose a keyboard macro?

Keyboard macros are also sometimes referred to as keystroke macro, macro programs, macro recorders, hotkey managers etc.

What is a keyboard macros?

Keyboard macros is a shortcut keyboard command that when pressed will performs series of keystrokes.

Keyboard macros are very handy. They allow you to perform series of keystrokes just by a single keystrokes command.

Keyboard macros can be found in three varieties.

  1. Inbuilt into the application:
    Many applications provide keyboard macros capabilities. Some applications offer customized shortcuts that will open files, paste text into files or open Options dialog. For example many editor provide keyboard macros that will allow you to define shortcuts for text that you write often.
  2. Single step Keyboard Macros or Keyboard Shortcut Programs:
    Many vendors offer tools that can be used with any Windows program. These tools allow you to define custom shortcut to open files, insert text, shutdown computer and many other frequently used commands. These are ideal for single step tasks.

  3. Keyboard-Mouse Macro programs:
    More general purpose keyboard-mouse macro programs are also available. These programs can record keystrokes across many applications. Although these are called keyboard macros, in reality many offer mouse macro capabilities as well. These are ideal for recording task involving series of actions.

Creating keyboard macros can save you lot of time and keystrokes.

How to choose a keyboard macro program?

  1. What do you need it for?
    Decide what you want out of it. If all you want is to insert date, email address or copyright notice, consider using Keyboard Macros. But if you need to automate a task, consider using Keyboard-Mouse Macro programs. You can read more about macro programs
  2. Easy to use
    Do you find the keyboard macros program easy to use? Keyboard macros are a great productivity tool. While you are working, if you realize you can create keyboard macros, within minutes you should be able to create a keyboard macro and use it.


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