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   Workspace Macro - The Windows macro recorder
   Workspace Macro Pro - The complete macro software
   Automation Anywhere - More than macros. The point & click automation software

Feature Workspace Macro Workspace Macro Pro- Automation Ed Automation Anywhere
Price Personal Use: $24.95
Business Use: $44.95
Personal Use: $39.95
Business Use: $64.95

Standard: $1495.00
Premier: $2995.00

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Record Macro
Run Macro
Schedule Macro
Repeat Macro
Powered by unique SMART Macro Technology * *
Password protect macros for added security ** **
Edit Macro  
Run Macro at "Turbo Speed" or as fast as your computer can run  
Assign macros to a hotkey & run it instantly using a hotkey.  
Pre-defined Macro templates for computer maintenance, data transfer & more.  
Call macros from Excel macros, word macros or any script  
Powerful macro commands to edit and automate even more complex tasks   30 250
Conditional macro commands for greater control   2 19
NEW! Powerful integration with Excel spreadsheets. It allows this macro software to work with multiple spreadsheets.   
Advanced web recorder that understands all web controls and can work even if websites change   
Task to Exe for distribution. Convert task to a standalone exe & run it on many machines.    ***
Unique Auto login capability that allows task to run even if computer is locked.   
Managed Windows Control actions for background execution    ***
Send email notification when task finishes   
Auto response capability that can trigger tasks in response to other events in the computer like when new file is created or folder updated, etc.   
Single click web data extraction capability. Easily extract web data to Excel or database.   
Variable support - Pre-defined variables like date, time, etc. Or add custom variables   
Loop commands like loop for files, folders, variables, etc. allow easy automation   
Advanced Internet, file management, print, database, email & system commands   
Full Debugging support with break points, etc.   
Create interactive macros. Ability to prompt user for data during re-plays and use that in a macro.   
Organize tasks into various directories   
Historic log information & detailed error reporting   
Powerful automation platform. Integrate disparate scripts like VBScript, JScript into one script   
Advanced editor features like ability to enable or disable specific actions and more.   
More pre-defined automation templates like data backup, find broken web links, database transfer etc.   
Agent-less remote deployment capability with Deployment Manager to manage, schedule and deploy tasks. Manage your entire automation environment from a single machine.    ***
Powerful 'Visualize Technology' for pictorial view of tasks for easy understanding. Images can be captured on demand too.    ***
Intuitive Workflow Designer for graphical representation of business & IT processes.    ***
Track any action carried out in Automation Anywhere right from installation, creation of task, editing and running of task in 'System Logs'.    ***
NEW! The ROI calculator calculates the return on investment as a result of automation.    ***
NEW! Automation Anywhere provides several graphical reports that display the status information of your tasks and workflows.    ***

*Workspace Macro Pro & Automation Anywhere features our next generation of SMART Technology that can adjust to even more changes like if desktop icons or start menu items have moved, faster task execution and more flexibility.

**Workspace Macro Pro & Automation Anywhere offers enhanced security. Macros can be encrypted with strong encryption in addition to password protection. Automation Anywhere takes security to even higher level. It offers unique Auto Login Technology which allows you to lock the computer even if scheduled tasks have to run. Auto Login will unlock the computer, run the task and lock it back.

*** See Compare Automation Anywhere Versions for details.


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