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The Intelligent Automation Software. Automate & Schedule business processes & IT tasks easily.

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Automation Software

Unique SMART Automation Technology® for fast automation of complex tasks. No programming required.

Record keyboard & mouse or use point & click wizards to create automated tasks in minutes.

Web Recorder & Web data extraction

Powerful task scheduling capability to run scheduled task even when computer is locked.

305+ actions like Internet, conditional, loop, prompt, file management, database & system. Great features like faster speeds, automatic email notifications, task chaining, hotkey, variables & logging, etc.

Why Automation?

Save huge amount of time and costs
Increase business & IT process reliability and speed
Remove the possibility of human error

Automation Anywhere Capabilities

You can automate any kind of task with Automation Anywhere. Some of the common usages are:
Automate business processes Fast data entry and formatting
Automate Web task Automate IT processes
Job scheduling Batch data processing
Web data extraction Automated FTP
Automate data transfer, data import/export Replace batch files or integrate disparate scripts
Web Scraping Automated software testing, Web testing
Excel Integration Screen scraping
See additional features & capabilities in Premier version

The Intelligent Automation Software

Automation Anywhere is the leader in intelligent automation software. Its three distinguishable features are:
  1. Automate any task:
    It can be used to automate any kind of task, from the most complex to the very simple. Automate Windows applications, Web tasks or legacy applications. It is the only automation software you will need.
  2. Faster Automation with superior reliability:
    Superior ‘SMART Automation Technology' eliminates the need to write “infrastructure code”, like code to wait for applications to load, code to check for window size & position or if desktop icons have moved, etc. Automation Anywhere automatically gives intelligence to your tasks. Focus on the business logic & automate 10 times faster than other automation software.
  3. Easier Automation:
    No programming required. SMART task recorder, point & click actions & sample tasks make automation effortless.

Product Information:

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Who can use it?

Automation Anywhere's customizable & intuitive user interface makes it easy to use for both new and advanced users.

Business users, Users with no programming or IT experience
Users can use the SMART task recording features to record actions without writing scripts. Or use pre-defined automation templates to create an intelligent, automated task in minutes.

IT divisions, Database or Network Administrators, Application Developers
Advanced users will enjoy the power of many action wizards, ability to create a script from scratch etc., as well as use it as their automation platform. Use in-built automation services like repeat, notification, etc., on VBScript & JScripts or integrate disparate scripts within an Automation Anywhere script.

Licensing Options for Automation Anywhere

Small Business
  • Automation Anywhere usage license for 1 computer

Customer Case Study: ComRes Telecom

ComRes Telecom's challenge was collecting and consolidating data from multiple client phone systems and uploading the data onto an FTP server for backup. See how they automated their systems to save time and money, increasing efficiencies by reducing human errors.

“Using Automation Anywhere, I have created about 300 tasks and about 150 executables using the Create EXE feature of Automation Anywhere Premier. Within 2-3 minutes I can create a new task for a new customer.”

- Chris White, COO

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System Requirements
OS: Home & Pro versions of Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista. All versions of Windows XP.

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