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Automated Scripting Software: Create, manage, schedule and deploy scripts with Automation Anywhere

Are you still using 10 different scripting languages to automate your task?

There is a new and better way to develop, deploy & manage scripts.

Download award winning automation software, Automation Anywhere and see why so many businesses are standardizing on Automation Anywhere as their preferred scripting & automation solution.

Unique SMART Automation Technology® for fast scripting of complex tasks. No programming required.

Record keyboard & mouse. Wizard based UI to create automation scripts in minutes.

Great features & commands: Internet, conditional, loop, prompt, file management & system commands, faster speeds, automatic email notifications, task chaining, variables & logging support, etc.

The Intelligent Automation Software

Automation Anywhere is the leader in intelligent automation software. Its three distinguishable features are:
  1. Automate any script:
    It can be used to automate any kind of script, from the most complex to the very simple. Automate Windows batch script, Web scripts or legacy applications. It is the only automation software you will need.
  2. Faster Automation with superior reliability:
    Superior ‘SMART Automation Technology' eliminates the need to write “infrastructure code”, like code to wait for applications to load, code to check for window size & position or if desktop icons have moved, etc. Automation Anywhere automatically gives intelligence to your scripts. Focus on the business logic & automate 10 times faster than other automation software. It sets a new standard in security with features like password protection, strong industry standard encryption, stealth mode and more.
  3. Easier Automation:
    No programming required. SMART task recorder, pre-defined automation templates, point & click actions & sample tasks make automation effortless.

Use Automation Anywhere and reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

Download a free trial version today. For more information see Automation Anywhere: The Automation Software


Case Studies

Nuva's challenge was to increase productivity by reducing hours spent on setting up computers for clients. Automation Anywhere provides cost & time effective solution to help schedule setup routines & tailor tasks as required.

“We here at NUVA Technologies love your application. When it comes to Windows automation we only trust Automation Anywhere.” -Dale Marion, CIO

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For limited editing, scripting and conditional commands

Workspace Macro Pro - Automation Ed. 7.0

Business Use: $64.95
Personal Use: $39.95

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"We use it to manage our IT infrastructure. After using this just for few days, I think every IT group should have at-least one copy of Automation Anywhere. We save a lot of money with this software. We have scripts in all kinds of languages, but now we are standardizing on Automation Anywhere."

------ Dan Gibson


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